A team leader speaking to her team matesWhat makes a branded merchandise franchise so lucrative?

With the intense competition in markets, many businesses now view branded products as important as their online and landline communications. After all, what use is it to offer the best products and services if people don’t know your business exists?

But the use of branded products is not limited to promotional purposes alone. Various organisations use branded products to boost company morale. According to Australasian Promotional Products Association, three-quarters of HR managers use corporate merchandise in their staff recognition programmes. They state that it is an effective tool in staff retention and motivation. Here’s how:

Custom Apparel Boosts Team Spirit and Company Pride

Studies have shown that employees who are issued uniforms develop a sense of solidarity, enhancing their teamwork and performance. This is attributed to employees feeling that uniforms remove the hierarchical system, since no indicators show that one employee ranks higher than another. Issued uniforms also improve productivity when they are designed for the nature of the work to be done, and create a more professional atmosphere compared to a casual dress code.

Corporate Gifts Make Employees feel Appreciated and Valued

Giving employees gifts during recognition programmes, birthdays or work anniversaries creates a sense of the company’s gratitude for their work, and an appreciation of them as individuals. It is especially symbolic for employees to receive gifts on special occasions, as the act gives them a sense that their relationship is not simply a transactional one.

Corporate Giving Improves Employee Satisfaction

With millennials, who have slightly different values from their predecessors, new research has found that employees are more satisfied with their jobs when their employers give gifts to a charity or cause they believe in.  It boosts their esteem more if their employer lets them have contact with chosen charity. Employers with a millennial workforce can thus contribute branded corporate gifts to charities and let their employees hand them out.

With the power of branded merchandise, both for promotion and staff morale, it’s easy to see why a Fully Promoted franchisee will never run out of clients.

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