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In marketing campaigns, promotional products are a popular and evergreen choice for building brand recognition. Although they are considered “traditional” forms of branding and advertising, the idea behind them remains as fresh and effective as ever. After all, who has ever turned down a free flash drive or tumbler?

Promotional products are not only used in business conventions or trade shows, but can be effective tools for promotion and branding anytime and anywhere.

Retaining Customers

Why are promotional products are effective? They are a constant and visible reminder of the brand.

Most promotional products have contact details that make it easy for clients to stay in touch. For example, t-shirts, pens and lanyards may include the company’s direct number, website, and address.

Most companies strategically place their contact details on items that people use every day, like mugs and pens. Some companies prefer to include promotional products in their main product packages that come in bundles. For instance, printing shops that offer bulk-printing packages can entice their customers to opt for a higher quality paper by including free promotional products such as t-shirts or caps.

Promoting Good Business Reputation

A good reputation is a powerful tool to further increase public awareness. Many companies use promotional products to unleash some of this power.

Organisations normally have corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes that focus on certain advocacies. Companies take these programmes as an opportunity to distribute branded merchandise to the beneficiaries and other organisations involved in the programme. For example, they can donate notebooks, pens and small bags with their company logo to charity organisations.

Promotional Product Franchising

Branded products are effective and popular among businesses, the distribution of promotional items has high potential of generating a steady, stable profit.

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Having prior knowledge about the industry is an advantage, but if you have no experience and want to learn about the industry, expect a full suite of training, guidance and on-going support. Our training phase includes a comprehensive five-week process that teaches you about Fully Promotedtime-tested processes and systems. We will also provide you with guidelines for maximising the potential of your franchise location.

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