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Many Australian entrepreneurs go into business ventures with a partner or two, sometimes more. They believe that with more people handling the business, the fewer the risks, the higher the odds for success. And with more than one person invested in the business, there’s less risk of failure and bankruptcy.

Business partnerships are widespread across the globe, many still prefer to venture alone. These entrepreneurs want to take charge of their own investments andmake business decisions without having to turn to a partner. Often, they are self-disciplined, responsible and determined to grow their businesses alone.

If you’re an independent entrepreneur yourself, consider investing in a franchise. Here’s why:

Creative Freedom

We often hear stories about business partners constantly arguing over the creative aspects of their business, from details like marketing strategies to store design. The creative differences between partners can lead to the end of a business relationship.When push comes to shove, both will experience grave financial loss.

When you’re handling the business solo. There’s no threat of someone rejecting or contradicting your ideas. With a franchise, you have the power to make and implement your creative choices. At Fully Promoted, we encourage our franchisees to become their own boss.As long as you’re meeting the franchisor’s standards, you are given full creative freedom over the business.

Achievable and Accurate Investment Fees

The amount required to start your own business from scratch can be unpredictable. Small miscalculations can lead to bigger problems for your personal finances. What independent entrepreneurs need is an accurate run-down of the expenses they need for starting their business.

Franchisors are often upfront about the costs needed to franchise with their business. Fully Promoted provides a breakdown of the total investment, which includes the franchise fee, liquid capital and net worth requirements. Royalty fees are also disclosed upon consultation.

Excellent Training and Support

When you open a new business, you’ll be responsible for sourcing your products, teaching yourself the basics of managing the store and learning more about the industry. The difficulty lies in balancing all these requirements together with the goal of acquiring profit as soon as possible.

With a franchise business, you have the support you need to get your business started on the right track. Franchisors often provide training and support programmes for their franchisees. At Fully Promoted, we also allow you to experience on-the-job training at our main store, as well as teach you how to operate the latest technology for your business. We share our knowledge and experience, by ensuring that our franchise partners evolve with us.

Why Fully Promoted?

About 18 years ago, Fully Promoted opened its very first store in West Palm Beach. What started as a small and humble family-owned business quickly turned into the most successful promotional products and digital marketingfranchise in the world.

There are currently over 300 Fully Promoted stores in more than 11 countries. We maintain a strong presence not only in Florida, but also in Africa, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Start your journey with us today. Call us on 888-704-1318 to learn more about how you can get started.