A marketing team planning a promotional strategyAlmost everything we see is a promotional product. Whether it’s the clothes that we wear or the food that we buy, we are using or consuming promotional products every day. By using or consuming promotional products, we are helping promote a company’s product to the public. For example, walking outside carrying a paper bag from McDonald’s can influence other people’s lunch that day.

With the rise of technological advancements, promotional products are now taking new and exciting forms. Traditionally, companies would distribute inexpensive marketing products such as branded pens, mugs, lanyards and more and these are still proven to be an effective form of marketing.

High-Value Items

People give more importance to products based on their real monetary value. For instance, useful high-value items such as branded USBs, hard drives or Bluetooth speakers are more likely to be used than branded notebooks, pens and mugs. Having products that are both useful and of high monetary value can boost the efficacy of a company’s marketing.

Promotional Products with Mobile Apps

Some products can be complemented with smartphone apps. Products with mobile app extensions gain numerous opportunities on how to promote a brand to a person. For example, an electronic key chain that has its own Bluetooth finder app. By using the app, people can track where they misplaced their keys.

Developing products that have their own mobile app provides companies the opportunity to broaden their marketing strategies. They can keep up with mobile app trends and they can use this to engage with their audience to increase brand awareness.

A Growing Industry

With the help of technology, the promotional product industry is growing. New technologies such as 3D printing, advances in screen printing and embroidery techniques are now enhancing standard products, making them more valuable. If you want to venture into the promotional product industry, Fully Promoted can help you open your own promotional product franchise.

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