Almost every item we see is a promotional product. As long as it is branded, a product can help in promoting a company. Whether it is a brand name on our shoes or an apple logo on a laptop, any product can endorse a company’s brand image. Placing a logo on a product makes people aware of the company that sells a specific product. This helps a company attract more people to search for their product online or in stores. With the advancements in technology, the promotional product industry is changing the way it creates products.

Man experiencing virtual reality through a VR Box

3D Printing

Recently, 3D printing has enabled faster development and production of promotional products. It allows companies to create designed products in a cost-effective manner. Most 3D printers use a spool of plastic that is melted using the machine that deposits it on a base where it starts to take shape through layers and ultimately producing a three-dimensional object.

Using 3D printing technology can create customised products locally rather than spending more on overseas manufacturers. Manufacturers that use this tech will not have to stock products anymore, which avoid inventory issues. Rather than stocking hundreds and thousands of promotional products, companies can take advantage of its fast production time in creating made-to-order sets of products.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Another advancement in the promotional product industry is promoting a company using virtual and augmented reality. The former refers to the immersion of the user into a virtual world, while the latter focuses on the overlaying of digital information on the physical world.

The most common use of this technology is mobile applications. For instance, mobile games and apps that are based on a certain company can promote their brand image, especially if the game or app is globally recognised. Companies that have a mobile app can keep up with the changing times and gain more opportunities to connect with their customers anywhere anytime.

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