Business partners on a meeting

With more and more businesses investing in marketing and advertising, the opportunities for the promotional products sector is bigger and better than ever. Here in Australia, this industry has a turnover of $1340 million. If you want to capitalise on a thriving market, here are some things you have to prepare for when starting a promotional products business:

Learning business and technical know-how.

A business degree is not a requirement for running a business but knowing the basics of financial management and accounting, managing people and operations is crucial. As part of operations, you must be familiar with processes and terminologies in the marketing merchandise sector such as sublimation or computerised embroidery.

Finding the right people (or business).

Starting and operating a business requires a continuous process of network building. If your business involves everything from manufacturing to distribution, you need to look for wholesale suppliers, hire staff with the technical capabilities and hire or outsource marketing and distribution.

Doing a lot of marketing.

Whether you outsource or have an in-house marketing team, as a new business, you need to do a lot of promotional activities to be on clients’ radars. This may involve anything from networking, sponsoring events, giving away freebies, or having a series of press releases.

Pleasing clients.

Trying to ensure customer satisfaction is a given for any business. For the promotional product sector, this means fast turnaround times, efficient delivery, and a customer support staff skilled with explaining products and processes and handling customer queries and dissatisfaction.

Ensuring a Good Start and a Thriving Business

With Fully Promoted, you can ensure a good start for your promotional product business. When you buy a product distribution franchise, you no longer need to worry about the manufacturing processes, allowing you to focus on your clients.

All our franchisees are provided with full training so even those who do not have a background in custom embroidery will have the required industry knowledge. We also provide ongoing training and support to ensure that you serve your clients better.

Start your business smoothly and keep it running well. Contact us today and download our free franchising brochure.