They probably wouldn’t describe the third time as the charm, but it was definitely a call to action for Jude and Erica Yahn, who recently became newly minted small business owners after returning to the Tulsa area for the third time since 2001 after a series of job-related moves. Having to move every several years took its toll on the couple and their children. Seeking more harmony and happiness rather than anxiety, the Yahns recently became franchise owners with new retail storefront brand Fully Promoted, which offers the most expansive set of marketing and advertising solutions available to small- and medium-size business owners seeking to brand themselves and make an impression. Located at 7115 South Mingo Rd., in Tulsa, the Yahns opened their doors as eastern Oklahoma’s only Fully Promoted location on March 1.

Jude, 51, spent 25 years in the corporate world as a director of engineering and operations while Erica, 48, lends marketing and sales experience. “It was the third time in seven years that I was displaced from my company because of either an acquisition or a buyout. We didn’t want to move away from Tulsa again,” Jude said. “It’s important to be happy with what you are doing and I believe the corporate experience that Erica and I bring to Fully Promoted will be a great asset in offering solutions to our customers’ needs.”

The Yahns took over an existing 13-year-old location of EmbroidMe, which widely expanded its services recently and underwent a name change to Fully Promoted, chosen because it better reflects what today’s customer is looking for. Not only does the newly named business still provide EmbroidMe’s former customized apparel and promotional products, but also printing and digital marketing services to give small- and medium-size businesses a comprehensive solution to raising their brand awareness and gaining customers.

As a testament to its success, Fully Promoted was ranked 20th by The Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) Counselor magazine in its annual Top 40 Distributor’s listing, which recognizes the top distributors in the $20 billion-plus promotional products industry based upon the previous year’s gross revenue.

About Fully Promoted (Formally Known as EmbroidMe)

Franchise industry giant United Franchise Group announced in January 2017 that EmbroidMe, the franchise leader in the promotional products industry, would widely expand its services and become known as Fully Promoted to better reflect its offerings. Announced at the company’s annual convention, the change was a result of a significant evaluation of the changing needs of its worldwide customer base and provides an expanded set of business branding and marketing services to small-and-medium-size businesses. Fully Promoted has more than 300 Resource Centers in 12 countries and plans to open more than 100 new Resource Centers in 2017 (70 in the United States), reaching 500 locations worldwide by the end of 2018. For more information, go to