If you’re looking to invest in franchise product sales by opening a Fully Promoted location of your own, you might be wondering what the promotional products industry looks like today. The good news is that the business is booming, and Fully Promoted helps our franchisees to be well-equipped when they jump into the trade. In this post we’ll introduce you to a few industry trends, as well as how Fully Promoted is capitalizing on them.

A Booming Industry

The promotional products industry is worth around $20 billion, with businesses everywhere relying on promotional products to get the message out about their goods and services. Businesses know that customers enjoy receiving promotional products with a company’s information, and that around 85% of customers report doing business with a company after receiving a promotional item. Fully Promoted is particularly well-equipped to help in this regard. Rather than just focusing on one type of product, we’ve made ourselves into a truly one-stop-shop for promotional products of all kinds. Whether it’s coffee mugs, keychains, or branded apparel, we’ve got the items in stock that will delight customers of all kinds. Our vast inventory is just one reason why customers love to turn to Fully Promoted franchisees for their promotional products needs.

franchise product sales fully promoted

“B2b” Model

Fully Promoted utilizes a business to business (or “B2B”) franchise product sales model, meaning our products are targeted towards other businesses rather than the general public. This helps to provide our franchisees with some measure of security — after all, businesses need promotional products. Because our products are integral to businesses everywhere, our franchisees are put in the excellent position of being purveyors of necessary goods. This helps our franchises to stand up to threats such as wavering economy and changing consumer tastes somewhat better than other types of business. While no one can predict exactly how a business will perform, the B2B model certainly works in our favor.

Promotional Products for Many Purposes

Another benefit of the promotional products industry is that organizations of all kinds rely on them — not just for-profit businesses. Organizations such as church groups, local sports teams, college clubs, and more all rely on Fully Promoted to provide them with branded products to assist in fundraising and community awareness. These groups help our franchisees to reach a wider customer base.

As you can see, franchise product sales is an exciting industry to be a part of. Contact Fully Promoted today to learn more about becoming a franchisee!