What Do We Look for in a Franchisee?

Although we do not require that our franchisees come to us with previous franchise experience, we do look for candidates who can meet other requirements before taking on our low cost business opportunities.

Aside from our financial requirements, we screen our applicants to ensure that they have what it takes to succeed as an owner of the Fully Promoted brand. The following are what we look for in an ideal candidate; keep reading to see if you have what it takes to join our franchise system.

Financial Requirements

As with all low cost business opportunities, one of the critical things we look for in all applicants is the financial readiness to start and maintain their franchise(s). When you are making an investment as big as a business, it is important to have your financial ducks in a row, so to speak, which is why this is one of the things we look for in a candidate. Stable finances are necessary to help you support your business during the beginning stages as it gets fully up and running.

Dedication and Commitment

Fully Promoted franchisees have to be dedicated to their stores and committed to doing what it takes to succeed. Although we know that this is an outstanding franchise opportunity, we aren’t going to pretend like every single day will be 100% perfection. Instead, we can guarantee that you will work hard and learn something new every day, both in and out of your business.

Our most successful franchises have a thick skin, eye on the future, and a positive attitude when they approach work every day. We are confident in our business model and, when our franchisees follow it, they have greater success.

Business Savvy

Even if you have never owned a business or franchise before – and many of our new franchisees have not – business savvy is a skill that will take you far with Fully Promoted. If you have worked in any corporate or professional setting, had to deal with customers, or built professional relationships, you have business savvy skills that will help you.

In addition, our training program and support resources will help you identify and hone your business skills, while also teaching you new ones that will come in handy as you run your business. Together, we will build and implement a plan for running your business but remember that you are responsible for the details.

Strong franchisees listen to their business instincts in conjunction with the information we provide during training when they are making decisions. Because of that, business savvy is a crucial ingredient in the formula for a successful franchise owner.

Do you have what it takes to invest in Fully Promoted’s low cost business opportunities? Learn more about our franchising opportunities by contacting us online or call us at 1300 203 370.