A Turnkey Investment

Investment Opportunities in Screen Printing

Perhaps the biggest strength of the Fully Promoted brand is that we are a turnkey franchise, which means that our franchisees are able to start their businesses immediately. Our investment opportunities do not require our owners to find suppliers, figure out store buildout, choose equipment, determine pricing, and so much more. It is already done for you, so when you invest you can dive right in.

Additionally, to help our franchisees work toward long-term success, our real estate team conducts extensive market research to find the most profitable areas, negotiate a lease, and coordinate the store’s buildout and set up.

But before we can get started on all that, you need to understand the full investment. Below are some of the expenses that come up when you invest in a Fully Promoted franchise.


Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is a one-time, flat cost that you pay when you sign the franchise agreement. The Fully Promoted franchise fee is $64,500, and it grants you access to our brand, logo, products, and services, bringing you officially into the Fully Promoted franchise family.

Liquid Capital

Liquid capital is cash or assets that you can easily convert into cash. We look for franchise owners with around $100K in liquid capital because it demonstrates to us an investor’s financial stability and ability to invest. Your liquid capital will help you cover the operational costs while your store gets up and running, so this is an essential piece of your investment.

Total Investment

When you invest in Fully Promoted, you can expect your total investment to be between $180,000-$190,000. The total estimate depends on a number of factors that are unique to each of our investment opportunities, including your store’s site, set up, size, operational costs, and more.

Note that the estimated total does include things like insurance, equipment, supplies, and other operational expenses. Additionally, the $64,500 franchise fee is included in that total estimate, so there are no surprises.

Royalties with Annual Cap

Because of the continuous access to resources and constantly-updated products and training, Fully Promoted is one of the most supportive investment opportunities. To fund this support in addition to our professional marketing tools and ongoing research and development, our franchisees pay industry-standard royalty fees of 6% of their gross revenue each month. These royalties have an annual cap, which means that you won’t pay more than a certain dollar amount each year.

There has never been a better time to invest in Fully Promoted in Australia!
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