The city of Portland, Oregon offers a welcome environment for a business person that is looking to get into the branded products and marketing business. The market is not as saturated as many other businesses and the abundance and variety of businesses in Portland may actually serve as an advantage for a promotional franchise. The music and film scene in Portland may also help to spur business. By starting off with a trusted name like Fully Promoted, a franchise may garner loyalty quickly.

Portland Branded Products Franchise

With the pop band scene and craft beer culture of Portland, a franchisee may find plenty of opportunity with promotional products, especially screen printing. Band fans love to see their favorite local stars featured on t-shirts, so gaining favor with concert halls, small venues, and local bands may help to secure a lucrative relationship. Working with local brewers, like the Occidental Brewing Company, to develop beer shirts may also help a franchisee to make a name and secure continuing business.

Portland Sports

While Portland only contains two major sports franchises, Portland sports fans are known for their passionate support. Many Trailblazers games are sold out and even collegiate sports receive substantial amounts of attention from Portland residents. Where fan support is high, an embroidery franchise may find opportunities with creating new fan and team apparel. The opportunities are endless for a motivated Fully Promoted franchisee in Portland.

Growth & Expansion Opportunities

The population of Portland has been growing at a double digit rate for the last several decades, which may even exhilarate as Portland continues to become more popular. Population growth inspires more businesses to come to the area, which may bring opportunities for a marketing and products franchise. Employee uniforms and merchandising apparel often come with new businesses. By building a solid reputation in the area and capitalizing on opportunities, a Fully Promoted franchise may flourish in Portland.