Get Your Questions Answered

Key to the Fully Promoted franchise system is making the discovery process as simple and thorough as possible. We want our franchisees to have access to our low cost franchise opportunity and all the information that aids them in making the decision to invest in our brand.

Get your questions answered with our FAQs so you can move forward confidently.

Q. Why should I invest in a franchise instead of opening a business on my own?

  1. Investing in a franchise gives you the benefits of being a business owner along with the support of a network that ensures that you will never be alone. When you choose a quality franchise opportunity like Fully Promoted, you will have comprehensive training and ongoing support that will contribute to your business’s success. Independent business owners do not have the built-in network or easily-accessible tools that franchise owners have.

Q. How much does a Fully Promoted franchise cost?

  1. Every single franchise and owner is different, which means that the startup costs vary depending on a number of factors. However, we are a low cost franchise opportunity, and our franchisees can expect to spend between $174,000-$190,000 getting started. These estimates include our $64,500 franchise fee in addition to the equipment you need to get started and other essentials.

Q. Is Fully Promoted the best franchise opportunity?

  1. In our years in business, we have received a number of awards and distinguished accolades for our growth and expertise. We are frequently featured on Entrepreneur’s list of the top franchise opportunities, the Franchise 500. In fact, in 2014 and 2015, we were ranked #1 in our category on the Franchise 500 list because of how we lead the industry. Additionally, we were ranked #39 on Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global Franchises.

Q. Does Fully Promoted offer financing assistance?

  1. Depending on your eligibility, details, and qualifications, there may be financing options in place for our low cost franchise opportunity. We partner with trusted third-party financers who work with our franchisees to provide financing assistance with startup and operational costs, when they are eligible.

Q. Will I be on my own once my store opens?

  1. The short answer: No. We are here for each of our franchise owners every step of the way. We have a long history of finding qualified investors, putting them in business, and supporting them through the life of the business. We take great pride in the continuous support and resources we give our franchisees. As long as your business is open, we are available to answer questions, solve problems, test new products, and more. We hold regional meetings, franchisee conventions, and training sessions that keep you up to date on the industry and our thriving brand.

Q. Do I need to be a marketing expert to get started?

  1. Definitely not! Our training program and ongoing support, mentioned above, were designed to prepare our franchisees for business ownership. That includes training on marketing and promotional products, so your industry background is not the most important thing. More important is your willingness to work hard and learn our proven system.