The Booming Digital Marketing and Promotional Products Industry

Branded Products: A Growing Industry

According to worldwide market research expert IBISWorld, the promotional products industry in the United States alone is estimated to be valued at over $20 billion. Companies and industries are spending money to extend the reach of their brands through promotional products and marketing services.

It’s not just American businesses that benefit from great branding and marketing. Worldwide, promotional products represents a billion-dollar industry with a wide customer base and repeat business.

Customer Statistics

Promotional products with a company name, logo, or message have great reach and impact customers more than many people realise. Take a look at the following stats about the effectiveness of the promotional products industry:

  • • 83% of customers enjoy receiving a promotional product with an advertising message
  • • 85% of customers do business with a company after receiving a promotional product
  • • 58% of customers hang on to the promotional products they receive for up to four years
  • • 89% of customers remember the advertiser on a product they received within the past two years
  • • Other media is approximately 44% more effective when used in conjunction with a promotional product

Businesses Seeking Marketing Solutions and Promotional Products

Branding is key to virtually every business, which is why promotional products have such a profound impact. Businesses get a further reach with a positive ROI when they put the company name and contact information on a promotional item.

Fully Promoted franchisees can work with all businesses, including:

  • • Restaurants
  • • Clubs and schools
  • • Medical companies
  • • Sports teams
  • • Professional services
  • • Auto brands
  • • Private online stores


It is no secret that e-commerce is flourishing. Small businesses need to be able to offer e-commerce to compete, as consumers are proving that online availability is a need. E-commerce is growing at a double-digit rate each year, so it follows that the promotional products industry should include online shopping options.

Statistics reveal that companies that can offer online shopping get 7% higher sales than those that don’t. Fully Promoted is proud to offer our customers 24/7 access to our products so that your franchise can capitalize on this important source of revenue.

Expanding Catalog

Technology is making it even easier for businesses in the promotional products industry to offer many and varied options to their customers. While there used to be limitations on what was possible to put a brand or logo on, technology has made it so unique promotional products are easy to make and more affordable than ever.

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