We’ll Help You Find Success As A Franchisee

That’s why we put utmost importance on supporting our franchisees in every way we can, from providing initial information to ongoing resources after the store is open. Our franchisees own their own business, but will never be alone throughout their franchising journey. See below for an overview of the support opportunities we provide to our franchisees.

Our Franchise Training Program

The First Step to Success Starts with Our Franchisee Training Program

The initial training that franchisees receive is a key indicator in how successful they can be. All Fully Promoted franchisees will receive an intensive four-week training process to show them our proven systems and processes, as well as provide guidelines and tips for achieving the highest level of franchising success.

Our four-week training program features specialized phases, including:

  • A two-week introductory training program at Fully Promoted University, located at our corporate headquarters. With travel and lodging expenses covered, franchisees will learn the business in terms of operations, advertising, marketing, bookkeeping, scheduling, and more.
  • After the initial training, franchisees will receive an additional two weeks of training at their store location. Our operations and marketing experts will advise and assist franchisees with setting up their store, as well as how to implement our proven marketing program.
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Getting Started
Our experts will help you during all aspects of the startup process, such as selecting your location and assisting with the store design. In fact, while you’re at your initial training at our corporate headquarters, we’ll be hard at work helping to prepare your successful launch.
Ongoing Resources
Our support doesn’t stop after training is over and your store is up and running. We’ve developed a top-notch ongoing support program that’s dedicated to helping you succeed in the embroidery industry. As long as your doors are open, we’ll be here to provide support and resources.
Industry Connections
You’ll receive further support from our Preferred Supply partners. This will ensure you get to best knowledge of the current trends, stock, fit for purpose products and receive a relevant sample pack to get you set up.


We provide comprehensive training programs, teaching
you the ins and outs of the industry.

From Early Stages of Your Franchise Development to Celebrating All of Your Milestones

Support is one of the most crucial elements of a successful digital marketing franchise opportunity. With Fully Promoted, it’s important that our franchisees understand the full suite of support and resources available to them when they invest. Franchising with a brand that has global brand recognition, industry connections, solid training programs, and thorough post-opening support is the best way to set yourself up for success in franchising. Here’s some information about the support you can expect when you franchise with Fully Promoted. We provide the following assistance:
  • Demographic studies to choose the best possible store location
  • Lease negotiations and store build-out assistance
  • In-depth review and analysis of your store’s financial performance
  • Actionable recommendations to keep your store running at its best
Vendor, Supplier and Ongoing Marketing Support

Ongoing Resources Simplify Your Transition into the Promotional Products Industry

Suppliers & Vendor Support
As an established franchise, Fully Promoted has forged relationships with some of the best suppliers in Australia, and all over the world. Our dedicated Australian team have curated a network of connections to better serve our franchisees in our market. Whether you’re looking for technical support from corporate, advice from a fellow franchisee, or a quote for a new product or service, Fully Promoted has you covered. Even if you choose not to use the suppliers we provide you with, we have an easy to follow screening program to get your supplier into our system. This is especially useful for owners who convert their existing businesses into franchises, as they get to continue utilizing those connections they made as independent entrepreneurs.

Ongoing Marketing Support
Tap into our cache of ready-made marketing materials. These are easily customised and can be used to attract potential customers in your area. We will even guide you on the most effective advertising channels to use.

Fully Promoted staff attending a convention

Becoming Part of the Fully Promoted Family

Our ongoing support is designed to help you keep your momentum and answer any questions you may have during the early stages of your franchise. A digital marketing franchise opportunity with us means having a partner every step of the way who wants to see you succeed. We’ve put an immense amount of time into crafting our business model to ensure that our franchise experts and support team are knowledgeable and able to address your questions and concerns. As a Fully Promoted franchisee, you’ll have access to ongoing support programs, including:

  • Regional meeting and training sessions
  • Franchise owner conventions
  • A toll-free number and online support
  • Regional support staff
  • Technical assistance.